Since the format of this document is somewhat unusual and may not be entirely clear, here I clarify what exactly is and is not part of my reference document.

Content I've not written

The following are NOT part of the content I've written
Header links at the top of the webpage
These four links at the top of the page link are meant as a convenience for users, but are not part of my writing. The first one links to the homepage of the website (essentially a blog), which is where the 3D printed mask article was. The second one links to the Machine Learning Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), the third one to the technical material and the fourth one to the not-yet-released book.

Content I have written

The following is content I have created
Everything under the domain.
Sometimes you'll find links like this that may lead to Wikipedia or other resources. These may lead to other domains, like Wikipedia. If the URL of the website changes (the sequence of words you see at the top of the browser), then the content is not written by me.
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